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    Family Recovery - Addiction
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    The Family Recovery Solution’s signature process is a compilation of hands-on experience, current and best practices for family systems and recovery, best calming practices, and ongoing guidance. It was born out of years working in the field, viewing addiction through a systemic lens, and noticing how there was a consistent narrow focus on the person with the addiction and very little attention paid to the family’s role in long term healing. This is problematic because the family is not clear ab


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TFRS Engaged Membership- – provides access to a number of TFRS resources, including: worksheets, videos, helpful tips, and links to other valuable resources. In addition, the Basic Membership gives access to TFRS Community Show, as well as other interactive tools that enable communication with other members of the community. - $ 45

TFRS Elevated Membership-provides access to everything in the Basic Membership, plus: one-on-family time with Jeff, or another TFRS Support, to guide you and your family through the TFRS program. There will be a weekly get together for Elevated Members, where they have special access to a TFRS Support during prescribed Office Hours. - $ 400

TFRS Enriched Membership-provides access to everything in the Elevated Membership, plus: one-on-one time with Jeff, or another TFRS Support, on a regular basis. Also, includes 12 months of engaged support and help implementing the Family Action Plan. - $ 800

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